The Voucher - Head and Shoulder Refresh
£39.00 (30 min)
This ancient massage employs a variety of techniques to release tension in the neck, shoulder, scalp and head. Floats tension away... perfect for professionals on the go.

The Voucher - Neck & Back Relaxation
£39.00 (30 min)
An ancient massage technique that stimulates the meridians, the energy pathways of the body. This focuses on the back, a very complex structure and the store house of stress. This massage invigorates and rebalances, working wonderfully to release tension and stress in the neck, back and lumbar area.

The Voucher - Acupuncture
£39.00 (30 min)
Liangtse acupuncturists believe that the underlying principle of treatment is that illness and pain occur when the body's qi, or vital energy, cannot flow freely. There can be many reasons for this; emotional and physical stress, poor nutrition, infection or injury are amongst the most common. By inserting ultra-fine sterile needles into specific acupuncture points, a Liangtse acupuncturist seeks to reestablish the free flow of qi to restore balance and trigger the body's natural healing response.

Liangtse针灸师认为,相关 治疗的原则是疾病和痛苦 发生在人体的气血,或重要的能源,不能 自由流动。可以有许多原因; 情绪和身体的压力,营养不良, 感染或损伤是最常见的。通过 插入超细消毒针头进入特定 穴位,一个Liangtse针灸师 旨在重建气的自由流动以恢复 平衡,引发人体的自然愈合 响应。
The Voucher - Reflexology
£59.00 (50 min)
The therapist works on specific reflex points in the feet using thumb pressure. Activating these reflexes helps improve circulation and promote relaxation. It is a method of stimulating the reflex points which relax and rejuvenate each and every part of the body. Massaging the pressure points in the feet and hands allows the nerve network to boost the immune system and improve the physical body.

治疗师工作在特定的反射点 用拇指压脚。激活这些 反射有助于改善血液循环,促进 放松。这是刺激反射的方法 其中放松和振兴每点 每一个身体的一部分。按摩压力 在脚和手点使神经 网络增强免疫系统,并 改善身体。
The Voucher - Full Body Zen Tui Na
£75.00 (60 min)
The zen-style of the tuba massage Is a full body massage. Its intention is the recovery and revival of new energy. Our techniques will bring you to a level equal to meditation.

禅宗式的大号按摩是一个完整的身体 按摩。其目的是恢复和 复兴的新能源。身体和皮肤可能 放松并拿出一个积极的集约化。我们的技术将带给您一个水平 等于冥想。
The Voucher - Chi Balance
£69.00 (50 min)
A unique blend of Asian techniques personalized to suit your current YinYang status, focusing on the Earth element (building CHI), Wood element (moving CHI) and Fire element (clarity and peace of mind). Techniques include acupressure, energizing massage for yang stimulation and a relaxing massage for yin calm. Pure oriental element oils are use to harmonize CHI flow.

独特的个性化融合亚洲技术 以满足您的当前YmlYang状态,重点 土元素(增强气)。木元素 (活动气)和火元素(清晰度和 安心)。技术包括指压, 阳气的活力按摩刺激和 放松按摩阴冷静。纯东方 元素油是用调和气流量。
The Voucher - Jade Journey
£89.00 (70 min)
Jade Journey is a massage incorporating traditional Chinese massage techniques. A gentle and soothing massage bringing together elements of China. ShiatSu and reflexology combined with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils. Designed to strengthen the body's vital energy so you emerge with renewed spirit. An ancient massage technique using a combination of hot stones heated in oils and herbs to ground the body and restore vitality.

翡翠之旅是一个包含传统 中国按摩技术。一个温柔的和 舒缓按摩汇集元素 中国的。指压按摩和反射疗法结合 东方芳香的治疗品质 精油。旨在加强 人体的生命能量,使您与出现 新精神。一个古老的按摩手法 使用油加热的热石头的组合 和草药接地体,恢复活力。
The Voucher - Enchanted Journey
£129.00 (100 min)
After a long and tiresome journey or a hectic day to relieve muscular aches and pains and assist your body's natural healing, we recommend this combination of Rejuvenation Bath. Aroma Vitality Signature Massage and Jewel Facial.

一个漫长而无聊的旅程或忙乱后, 天,以减轻肌肉疼痛和 协助身体自然愈合。我们建议 这个组合回春巴斯。香气 活力特色按摩和宝石面部。